Top Living Room Trends for Summer 2019, According to Google

Living Room

It’s no secret that living room trends have changed drastically over the past few years. 2000s contemporary design is out and influence from historic designs is hotter than ever. People are flocking to their local vintage stores for their favorite mid-century designs.

Google analyzed search trends over the past year and compiled their data to create their summer home and garden trends report. While Google takes a look at architecture styles, celebrity homes, kitchen, garden and more, we’re going to dive into the living room trends. Let’s do it!

1950s Living Room

Mid-century modern

Pictured above: Ashley Dahra Sofa

The 1950s were the height of mid-century modern design. Splayed legs, plastic furniture, exposed brick walls and pastel color palettes were all integral parts of this decade. Sofas often had rounded, bulky edges and were upholstered in bold colors like burnt orange and green. Furniture was often constructed in unique shapes that reflected the geometric design.

Coastal Living Room


Pictured above: Ashley Creeal Heights Sofa

Feel like you’re on the beach every day with this living room trend. Coastal design is bigger than ever in 2019. But we’re not talking about your aunt and uncle’s lake house décor, this living room trend is chic and minimalist. You’ll enjoy soft blues, white walls, rope accents and framed art with modern coastal design.

1970s Living Room


1970s living room design was full of personality! Even bolder than the 1950s, this decade was filled with funky patterns, avocado green, houseplants galore, orange leather and lots of wallpaper. Although overwhelming to some, this living room trend is making a comeback in 2019!

Farmhouse Living Room


Pictured above: Modus Furniture Coalburn Coffee Table

Ah, classic farmhouse living room design. We can thank HGTV interior designer Joanna Gaines for popularizing a modern twist on the famed Midwest look. Farmhouse chic has been on the rise for a while now and this report by Google just shows that it’s not going away anytime soon.

Victorian Living Room


Victorian-era interior design was a time of ornate furniture, dark jewel tones, oversized pieces and intricate lighting. With Victorian living room trends on the rise, you’ll see more extravagant crown molding, elegant woodwork, velvet accent chairs and framed mirrors. Who doesn’t want to feel like royalty in their own home?

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