The Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Pool

Outdoor Pool Furniture

An afternoon by the pool is afternoon well spent. It’s even better with outdoor pool furniture that works for your space! Pool furniture is a purchase that you want to be educated on so you can buy something that will stand up to water, weather and hot summer days.

Furniture Types

The type of furniture you purchase will depend solely on what you’re looking for to best fit your home and outdoor pool area. If you host a lot of friends and family, you might want an outdoor sofa or sectional. If you plan to add some vibrant pops of color, Adirondack chairs come in a great variety of colors. The furniture choices you make will depend on the look and feel you’re going for.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are great because poly material doesn’t fade, crack, rot or warp and it’s easy to clean. These chairs will provide years of outdoor enjoyment and there’s no worries about them getting wet from the pool. Their true Amish craftsmanship shines through with their durability.

Lounge Chairs

Chaise lounges are great outdoor pool furniture options because they let you bathe in the sun and relax in a laid-back position. Whether you want to read a book, catch some rays or just kick back and enjoy, these are great to have by the pool.

Sofas and Sectionals

Sofas, sectionals and cushioned chairs make great outdoor pool furniture for larger groups. They give you more seating options for people to hang out, snack and sit poolside. Sofas and sectionals also offer a casual area that feels more comfortable than traditional outdoor furniture.

Bars and Dining

Outdoor bars and dining sets are perfect for those who love to dine outside or host family and friends. You can mix up your favorite cocktails or do dinner by the pool. Outdoor dining sets are also great for keeping wet kiddos outside for lunchtime and back in the pool with ease.

Outdoor Furniture Material

Outdoor furniture material is an important factor in what you choose to buy for your pool area. Different materials have different durability, water resistance and maintenance levels. You should choose material that works best for your area and needs.

All-Weather Wicker

All-weather wicker is one of the best materials to have outdoors. It’s not too heavy so it’s easy to move around to rearrange, it’s wind and water resistant and doesn’t fade. This all-weather material is durable, comfortable and low maintenance because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take much upkeep.


Metal is a good outdoor furniture material for durability, withstanding weather and low maintenance. Aluminum is a good, lightweight option that’s naturally rust resistant.

Poly Material

Poly is made from recycled plastic, so it doesn’t warp, fade or deteriorate. It’s easy to clean and it’s stained all the way through, so it never loses its color. Because of this, poly material is a very low maintenance option for outdoor furniture.


Iron is a high-quality outdoor furniture material. It’s heavy, durable and very versatile because it can go with so many looks and colors. Since it can be worked by hand, iron usually has more design options to choose from. Iron is susceptible to rust, so more care goes into keeping it dry to last longer.


Upholstered outdoor furniture is a comfortable, modern and versatile option. Sunbrella upholstery is fade resistant, UV-blocking and easy to clean, making it one of the best fabrics for outdoor furniture. 100% solution-dyed acrylic is the best outdoor furniture products.

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