10 Family Command Center Accessories You Need Right Now

Do you enjoy making lists? Is planning a vacation itinerary the highlight of your day? Do you own four different calendars to keep track of your awesome, yet hectic life? If you answered “YES!” to all of these things, a family command center is perfect for you.

Family command centers are a great way to add functional style to your home. These wall décor arrangements often include whiteboards and chalkboards, calendars, home mail organizers, hanging shelves and other organization-friendly accessories. A family command center is a great way to decorate the side of a refrigerator or even spice up your mudroom.

Everyone’s family command center is different because they’re structured to help you! You could have different mail slots for each of your kids. You could have a calendar for yourself and one for the entire family. The arrangement is completely up to you. And if that is overwhelming for you, don’t worry! We have some great family command center ideas!

Steps to Creating Your Dream Family Command Center:

  1. Decide on the space. It could be a section of the wall in your entryway, the side or front of your refrigerator or the wall of your laundry room. We recommend choosing a spot that you will see often, which will help you remember to check and update it frequently.
  2. Take measurements. Knowing the dimensions of your wall will help you plan out and purchase accessories accordingly. If you need help with this step, head over to our blog post about how to hang wall art!
  3. Choose your accessories. This is completely based on your needs. Sit down and make a list of things that you need to keep track of for each of your family members. This will help when you’re shopping for the right pieces.

10 Accessories That Will Elevate Your Command Center:

  1. Chalkboard
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Paper roll board
  4. Hanging storage cubes
  5. Reusable calendar
  6. Cork board
  7. Hook/peg rack
  8. Hanging file
  9. Clock
  10. Wall shelf

Command Center Accessories at Homemakers:

Here at Homemakers, we have a large selection of accessories that are perfect for building your family command center. Swing by our Urbandale location to see our entire selection of command-center-worthy accessories!

(Products above available in-store only)

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