How to Store and Protect Patio Furniture for Winter

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While there’s excitement to gear up for the holidays, hot chocolate and fresh snow on the ground, there’s always a little bit of sadness as we pack away our pool floaties and patio furniture. It’s the official goodbye to summer and warm weather. As that time comes around again, you might be thinking about how to store your patio furniture for winter.

What You Can Leave Out

Composite Furniture

Composite furniture, like the poly-material Adirondack chairs, are okay to leave outside. They can be outside year-round without worrying about them getting damaged in the elements.

Aluminum Furniture

How to Protect Patio Furniture for Winter

Aluminum patio furniture can be left outside, just be sure all the pieces are free of any water. Water can freeze and expand, which can ruin the furniture.

Wood Furniture

Don’t use any protective coverings over wood furniture. While it seems to make sense to protect it if it’s going to stay outside, the key is to keep moisture from sitting on the wood and damaging it. A cover can sometimes hold moisture in and not properly air out wood furniture.

All-Weather Wicker

How to Store Patio Furniture for Winter

All-weather wicker is made to withstand the elements, so it can stay outside. You can remove the cushions to be stored indoors so they stay dry and don’t fade. But the furniture itself can hang outdoors during the winter months.

What You Need to Bring In

Some furniture can’t be left out in the elements. Certain materials don’t do well with moisture and cold temperatures so it’s best to store that patio furniture for winter.

Umbrellas, Upholstery and Outdoor Rugs

Umbrellas, Upholstery & Outdoor Rugs

Polypropylene rugs and Sunbrella cushions are weatherproof, but if you store them out of the winter weather, you’ll cut down on maintenance and fading. It’s easier to take these things inside or put them in a dry storage area so they last longer. Cushions can easily be stored in a storage box for winter.

Stone Tabletops

Moisture that gets into the surface can crack a stone tabletop in the winter. Store any sort of stone table indoors for the winter months in order to protect it from the elements.

Steel & Wrought-Iron Furniture

This patio furniture needs to be stored for winter because it’s prone to rust. If you leave it outside, the moisture can wreak havoc on it, and it won’t last as long. Store away in a dry area to keep the furniture in good condition.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture seems like an easy one to leave outside. But cold air can compromise plastic so storing it inside will reduce the brittleness and keep it from breaking. The perk of plastic furniture is that it’s lightweight and easy to move so storing it away is easy! It’s also typically stackable so it doesn’t take up as much space to store in the winter.

How to Cover Your Patio Furniture for Winter

For patio furniture that’s going into a shed, garage or staying outside, a good water-resistant cover will help protect your furniture. The covers will help reduce fading and keep snow, dust and other outdoor elements off the furniture.

For patio furniture staying outdoors, it’s important not to flip it over. A lot of furniture has drainage holes to allow water to drain out. If it’s flipped over, it can’t drain properly and will freeze, expand and cause damage to the piece.

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