Top 10 Most Instagrammed Furniture Items of 2019

Most Instagrammed Furniture of 2019

We took a look at our Instagram to see what some of our most popular furniture items were this year. From sofas to beds to dining sets, you guys tagged us in a ton of great pictures showcasing your finds from Homemakers. We started to see a trend in what we like to call “instagrammable furniture” so without further ado, the top 10 most instagrammed furniture items of 2019.

Coaster Livingston Queen Metal Bed

This charming queen bed fit into a lot of spaces this year. We saw it in everything from farmhouse style spaces to mid-century modern settings. The airy metal frame looks nice in a lot of rooms with its softly curved edges and vertical spindle rails. Furniture trends seen in 2019 were a lot of natural materials like wood and metal as well as lighter, clean designs so we’re not surprised to see this bed make the list.

Ashley Dahra Sofa 

You guys were loving 2019’s mid-century modern furniture trend and we’re with you! This adorable sofa is a hit on style and price point. It’s located in our Outlet, which you all were no strangers to. The sleek design with track arms and tapered feet was loved in a lot of homes this year. We can’t say we didn’t see this being an instagrammable furniture piece.

Bernhardt Addison Sofa 

Of our most instagrammed furniture, this one was definitely making the ranks. While this one is a little more transitional in style, we’re seeing a trend of track arms and tapered feet that you guys love in furniture. The soft cream upholstery makes any room feel just a little lighter and airier. It’s a chic pick, we dig it.

Ashley Pancho Wall Art 

This is less furniture and more décor, but it was featured in so many posts that we had to include it. Our cute highland cow wall art became a very instagrammable piece. It fit the western style that everyone has been loving while still being sleek enough with its black and white contrast and simple frame to fit a contemporary style space. Hats off to you, highland cow.

Liberty Urban Living Table

Furniture trends of 2019: mid-mod style, natural materials, light and airy design. This table nailed all of that. So of course, it also made it to the most instagrammed furniture of 2019 list. The herringbone parquet details on the top just make this table stand out a little more than the usual wood table. Top it off with angled metal legs inspired by mid-century style and you have the perfect, photo ready table. It’s bound to look good anywhere!

Liberty Urban Living Bench 

The table can’t go home without the bench, which features the same gorgeous herringbone parquet details. The metal stretcher, tapered legs, warm wood tones; it’s simple a must-have. You can’t have one without the other. So, this made the list too. We’re definitely not mad about it!

Leather Italia Newport 100% Leather Sofa 

Are you even surprised that a tan leather couch made our most instagrammed furniture list? We’re absolutely not, but we’re also totally okay with it because this dreamy sofa is irresistible. Fitting right in with the others, it has track arms and tapered legs. If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about instagrammable furniture, it seems to be that these features work. We get it, even furniture likes to look slim on camera.

Ashley Peacemaker Accent Chair 

Making its way into the ranks, our one and only accent chair. This handsome chair offers your space warm faux leather upholstery, a sleek, straight frame and not a single bad angle in the house. It’s camera ready!

Jonathan Louis Kelsey Estate Sofa 

Surprisingly but unsurprisingly, this chic sofa blew our numbers out of the water! This thing was all over our tagged Instagram posts and for good reason. It’s the perfect anchor for any contemporary space. Sophisticated, elegant and neutral enough for just about any setting, it fits right into any room. The twill upholstery in gray adds just enough texture while also brightening up the space. Heart eyes.

Kuka 2677 Collection 100% Leather Sofa 

Last but certainly not least, the infamous Kuka sofa. You guys absolutely adored this sofa! With its gorgeous mid-century modern style and rich leather upholstery, we can see why this one was so popular. It is to die for and we’re pretty sure it can make any room look good. We don’t think we’ll stop seeing this one tagged on Instagram for a while!

Thanks for sharing your Instagram photos with us all 2019! We love to see what you find at Homemakers and what you’re loving in your homes. Be sure to tag us and hashtag #HomeSweetHomemakers in your upcoming 2020 posts so we can see more of your great photos and share them with our followers!

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