Best Type of Pillow for Every Type of Sleeper

Best Type of Pillow For Every Type of Sleeper

Sleeping is an important component to having a healthy lifestyle. Having the wrong pillow for your specific sleeping position can affect your sleeping overall. There are so many options when it comes to buying a pillow that it can often be overwhelming. Choosing the right pillow is crucial for a good night’s sleep, so we’re giving you a guide to the best type of pillow for every type of sleeper.

Why Is a Good Pillow Important?

Sleep is a time to allow your brain and body to recharge and improve your overall well-being. It helps with productivity, weight loss, mental health, social skills, concentration, heart disease, and so much more. Healthy sleep regulates your body clock and helps you feel refreshed. Using the wrong pillow doesn’t only affect your sleep, it can impact your daily life, too. Having good sleeping posture is important so you don’t wake up with stiffness in your neck and shoulders. We’ve found the best type of pillow for every type of sleeper so you can sleep soundly at night with no interruptions.


Best Type of Pillow for Every Type of Sleeper

The position you sleep in factors into the type of pillow you should buy. Each pillow style is uniquely different to one another and different positions need different support. We found the best pillows for each position type, so you don’t end up stirring all night and waking up with achy muscles.

Best Type of Pillow for Back Sleepers

Best Type of Pillow for Every Type of Sleeper

Are you the kind of person who sleeps primarily on their back, staring straight up, imagining you’re looking at the night sky? Some pillows can improve your sleeping and others can leave you with a sore neck in the morning. Sleeping on your back is a common position that any pillow can accommodate. The ideal firmness of the pillow would be something not too hard yet not too soft. A medium firm pillow that can support your head, neck, and shoulders, lessens the strain on your muscles so you can sleep peacefully. Materials like memory foam or latex foam are fitting because they’re specifically designed to form to your body’s needs.

Best Type of Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

  • Best Type of Pillow for Back Sleepers

  • Best Type of Pillow for Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, it often means you suffer with back pain or snoring. Finding a pillow that fits your position and that doesn’t leave you with an aching neck is often hard to find. When choosing a pillow, it’s important that your head and spine are supported. A compressible pillow can help with hypertension in your neck and avoid stiffness in your back and shoulders. A low-lofted pillow can also help keep your spine aligned while you sleep. Stay away from anything thick in cushion density, since the thickness can extend your neck unnaturally.

Best Type of Pillow for Side Sleepers

Finding the best type of pillow for a side sleeper can be challenging because your neck needs the utmost support. We encourage a pillow that is extra firm and thick in cushion density. Memory foam is a good material to consider because its moldability can cater specifically to your neck. The contour pillow is commonly used for side sleepers because this type of pillow was uniquely designed at an angle to support your head and neck. Avoid wedged pillows since the elevation doesn’t benefit your sleeping position.

Best Type of Pillow for Light/ Medium/Heavy Sleepers

Best Type of Pillow for Side Sleepers

People react differently while sleeping. While some spend hours staring at the ceiling or counting sheep just to fall asleep, others can fall asleep at the blink of an eye. Sometimes having the wrong pillow can affect how many times you wake during the night or affect your body. Tossing, turning, and stiffness can be prevented if you know what pillow works best for your sleeping habits.

Best Type of Pillow for Light Sleepers

Best Type of Pillow for Every Type of Sleeper

Are you the kind of person who has trouble falling or staying asleep? The pillow you use could be hindering you from getting the best night’s sleep. Avoid anything too soft and aim for a firmer pillow. The stability it provides will prevent your head from moving while you sleep, which will keep you from waking up during the night.

Best Type of Pillow for Heavy Sleepers

If you’re a heavy sleeper, you might suffer from sore muscles. Materials that have pressure-absorbing foam would be ideal for your position during the night. The right pillow is one that supports your neck for even the deepest of sleeps. Avoid anything that is low in cushion density and strive for a pillow that has cooling abilities to help with overheating.

Best Type of Pillow for Medium Sleepers

  • Best Type of Pillow for Heavy Sleepers

  • Best Type of Pillow for Heavy Sleepers

What if you’re not a light or heavy sleeper? What if you’re just someone who sleeps heavy one night and light the next?  You can’t go wrong with memory foam because it molds so perfectly to your body. Find a pillow that has medium cushion density and isn’t too high or too low. You’ll want to void anything curved or elevated.

Best Type of Pillow if You’re All of the Above

Best Type of Pillow for Every Type of Sleeper

What if, after reading all the different types of sleepers, you realize that you’re looking for the best type of pillow for every type of sleeper? If you consider yourself an “all of the above” sleeper then you’ll want a pillow to cater to each individual type. A shredded memory foam is most common to fit the needs of a side, stomach, and back sleeper. It supports your head and neck and allows you to get a comfortable night’s sleep, without the pillow talk.

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