Lamps on a Budget: 14 Best Options

Lamps on a budget: 14 best options

For the most part, lamps are an underrated piece of furniture. They provide us light, but we rarely think of them beyond that. Before we know it, our lamps are completely out of style! At Homemakers, we offer lamps on a budget. That way, you can save on lamps and splurge on that sofa you’ve had your eye on! If it’s time for you to buy new lamps for your home, we can help. We’ve assembled a list of lamps for all you bargain hunters out there!

From floor lamps to table lamps and table lamp pairs, Homemakers has affordable options! We offer many price points in our showroom and on our website.

Floor Lamps Under $200

4 Floor Lamps on a Budget

Have you ever noticed that floor lamps can add the illusion of more space? It’s a common trick used by designers. If you want to add some visual height to your room, add a floor lamp to your space. You get both form and function!

Pictured above:

  1. Ashley Makeika Floor Lamp
  2. Ashley Metal Table Floor Lamp
  3. Ashley Jaak Metal Floor Lamp
  4. Ashley Sharde Arc Lamp

Table Lamps Under $100

3 Table Lamps on a Budget

If a table lamp is more like what you envisioned, we have some low-price options for those of you looking for table lamps on a budget.

Pictured above:

1. Ashley Samiya Metal Table Lamp

2. Stylecraft Table Lamp

3. Ashley Magan Table Lamp

Table Lamps Under $30

2 Table Lamps on a Budget

You don’t need to spend a lot to have lamps that you love. These are all under $30 because we understand that our customers value a great deal. These low-priced lamps are just what you’re looking for if you love a good steal!

Pictured above:

1. Ashley Manasa Table Lamp

2. Ashley Marilu Table Lamp

Children’s Lamps Under $30

2 Children's Table Lamps on a Budget

Don’t forget your little ones! Every kiddo will want these fun themed lamps in their rooms. Thankfully, you can decorate their room with these children’s lamps on a budget!

Pictured above:

  1. Ashley Maddy Table Lamp
  2. Ashley Cale Ceramic Table Lamp

Pick Your Pair

Additionally, Homemakers offers a “pick-your-pair” deal. We offer three price points for lamp pairs: under $50, under $70, and under $100. Just look for the signs in-store, pictured above!

Lamps on a Budget

Pairs Under $99

Do you have some wiggle room in your budget for lamps? Find the perfect lamp pair for under $100! You’ll walk away knowing its money well spent.

CLICK HERE to see all lamp pairs under $99!

Pairs Under $69

Looking to make your wallet happy? Perfect! We have lamps pairs for under $70. Now that’s a deal!

CLICK HERE to see all lamp pairs under $69

Pairs Under $49

We get it, you’re firm on your budget but you still want some trendy, high-quality lamps. Check out these lamp pairs for under $50!

CLICK HERE to see all lamp pairs under $49.

Whether you’re looking for a floor lamp, a table lamp, or even a set of table lamps on a budget, Homemakers has options for you. We want you to love your home at a price you’ll love too! Find even more lamps to fit your budget online or in-store!

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