Interior Design Style Guide: Grandmillennial Style

granmillenial style

What is the grandmillennial style? Well, if you love everything about home design then you have to check it out. It’s the contemporary spin on all that outdated furniture you once saw many years ago. That includes fringes on sofas, scallop lamps, and pattern wallpaper all combined with modern pieces to create something completely new! This style takes granny chic to a new level. So, grab those crochet pillows and floral curtains because it’s time to meet the new style everyone is talking about.

People that gravitate towards this style usually show an appreciation to past décor trends and furniture. When broken down, the term “grand” and “millennial” refer to different time periods. “Grand” can be linked back to popular interior trends from the late 19th century and early 20th century, whereas “millennial” represents newer interior trends from the present day. Group elements from both periods to get the grandmillennial style. Take a look at some color palettes and furniture ideas that can be found in this style!

Color Palette

grandmillenial style: color palette

Colors used in the grandmillennial style are similar to those in the traditional and bohemian palette. From pastels to whites, these colors offer a soft touch to your furniture, accessories, and wall paint and give off a calming yet exciting aesthetic. Colors like tan, brass, and dove white can all contribute as base colors while bluebell, gold, blush pink, and lemon chiffon are great accents.


grandmillenial style furniture

Furniture that typically falls into this style include sofas with a velvet upholstery, wooden coffee tables, traditional dining tables draped in patterned tablecloth, scallop lamps, bookcases showcasing dinnerware, and more. Pair each traditional piece with some modern highlights to enhance personality in your interior. buy feldene online no prescription


Modern décor is what brings this grandmillennial style to life! Once you’ve found your color palette and added some stylish traditional furniture, it’s time to accessorize.

Patterned Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper was all the craze in the mid 20th century. Anything from animals to flowers to shapes were used in wall decorations. Utilize wallpaper by using it on one wall in your room to make it the perfect accent wall.

    Featured in image: Tov Furniture BUBBLY Settee

Patterned Curtains

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    Patterns are the essence of the grandmillenial style especially in curtains and drapes. These pieces are hung in any room, preferable floor length, and flaunt a floral or plaid design.

Vintage Accents

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    Strengthen your grandmillenial style with vintage accents. This can be anything from oversized mirrors with gold frames, tall candle sticks, patterned china, and more!

    Uttermost Aemiliana Amber Glass Table Lamp


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    Tablecloths add elegance to your interior. They’re not only great for spills and stains but great at hiding bulky furniture. Consider embroidered silk as your tablecloth.

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Vibrant Throw Pillows

  • You can’t go wrong with pillows. Get creative with your pillow choices by using ones with vibrant colors or patterns. These pieces add personality to your home and spruce up furniture.

    Featured in image: Tov Furniture Bubbly Side Table

      Grandmillenial Style: Elements

      • Painted furniture
      • Drapes
      • Tablecloths
      • Gold accents
      • Floral designs
      • Wallpaper
      • Scalloped lamps
      • Tufted sofas
      • Fringes
      • Wicker details

      Mood Board

      grandmillenial style mood board

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