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Homemakers is excited to announce its collaboration with TOV furniture! From chic elements to fashion forward designs, TOV’s “Don’t Be Boring” motto promotes beautiful furnishings we never knew we wanted. Their take on runway trends flaunts a high style look for less while their forward-looking mindset revolves primarily on giving their customers sensible yet cutting-edge furniture. Take a look below to find out what TOV furnishings we’re displaying at Homemakers!



TOV was founded with the vision of creating beautiful furniture. Their unending commitment to giving their customers gorgeous furnishings at an affordable price point has been their goal from the very beginning. With innovative ideas and dedication to their cause, TOV has continuously strived to accomplish this goal from manufacturing, design, customer service, and more.

They deemed it necessary from the very beginning that engineering a company like this would take a lot of time and expertise. With that knowledge, TOV worked hard to obtain and specialize in all areas of the furniture industry to give their customers what they truly desired, a fashionable interior. This can be seen through their use of elegant accents and charming designs since they’re different from anything you’ve ever seen. Now, TOV is the leading brand in fun and exciting furniture pieces that are affordable, comfortable, and stylish. Homemakers is proud and ecstatic to collaborate with TOV and bring their unique line to our customers!

Tov Furniture


TOV’s wide range of unique furniture comes from their use of current trends. Inspired from fashion runways, TOV incorporates these ideas into their furnishings with vibrant colors and sculptured silhouettes to boast a fashion forward style. Not to mention their upstanding and current designs with jumbo ottomans, bold chairs, out of this world tables, stunning settees, and upholstered beds. With each individual piece, they inject personality into your interior. Don’t be boring, add some stunning TOV furniture to your home today! buy dilantin online https://mexicanpharmacyonlinerx.net/dilantin.html no prescription

“The furniture from TOV is all very feminine in the style and design from the use of soft velvet to the upholstered legs on the chairs.  I love the fact that when you look at the furniture you really see no "hard" lines, everything is soft and muted but has that vibe of ‘"don't mess with me.’”
- Brandon Thrush, Visual Design at Homemakers


TOV’s fabulous creations uses elements from the contemporary design style including gold accents, patterns, tufting, and a mixture of soft and bold colors. These elements blend so well together that when used they create a visually appealing look that instantly commands the center of attention. Art is used quite frequently throughout TOV’s style to create an intertwining effect with fashion. buy doxycycline online https://mexicanpharmacyonlinerx.net/doxycycline.html no prescription

Velvet Upholstery

TOV Furniture

Velvet is commonly used in TOV’s furniture pieces. It can be seen in chairs, sofas, benches, and headboards and offers an elegant look that’s both durable and comfortable. This fabric can quickly increase the value of your room if styled correctly. Add smaller accent pieces to your bedroom like a velvet ottoman or chair to create a statement.

Gold Accents

TOV Furniture

Gold tones can be seen throughout this collection to adds glitz and glam to your color palette. Even when TOV uses softer colors they are frequently accented with gold tones as a subtle way to accessorize.  

Bold Colors and Shapes

TOV Furniture

One main element that TOV is famously known for is their bold colors and shapes. They offer unbeatable style by creating furniture that stands out. Plus, when paired together, bold and uniquely sculptured furniture are definitely not boring! buy duloxetine online https://mexicanpharmacyonlinerx.net/duloxetine.html no prescription


TOV Furniture

Tufting is when fabric is tightly stitched to add a touch of pattern to your furniture. Whether it’s button, knot, or ribbon, this Victorian style element can be seen throughout TOV’s collections. 

“I applaud the designers at TOV for really going out there with the product and not forgetting the person they are marketing to; the strong, independent and most of all....the girl who can take on anything!”
- Brandon Thrush, Visual Design at Homemakers

Check out TOV furniture pieces at our Urbandale location or shop online!

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