Creating the Perfect Study Space for Your Kids

Kids' Study Space

Today, learning at home is both increasingly possible and common. Many kids are able to accomplish typical classroom work in a remote or home environment. While this has its benefits, it’s important to make sure your child has an effective study space so they can remain productive throughout the day. Here’s our recommendations on building a perfect kids’ study space!

Find Your Spot

While the first inclination many have when setting up a kids’ study space is to consider what furniture or supplies are needed, that approach skips over a critically important step. Even more important to what a study space includes is where it is! Be sure to find a spot that is as distraction-free as possible and allows for a mental separation of work and play. As comfy as doing math homework on the bed may sound, it’s not a good idea in order to keep productive!

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Kid learning at home with study space

Choose a Color Palette Your Child will Love

Before setting up your space, work with your child to pick an amazing color palette. Try and settle for a timeless style that will last for years. Because nobody wants to repaint all the time! Generally, neutral colors are going to be more versatile and better long-term picks. Here’s a couple of our favorite options your child will love:


Yellow Painted Wall for Kids' Study Space

For a versatile color that isn’t super plain, yellow is a great choice. As a gender-neutral color, its look can be adapted with a wide variety of accessories. Whether your child wants dark blue or bright pink décor, it will pair well with yellow. It’s also not too crazy of a color that your child will soon grow out of, making it a great long-lasting choice. buy mestinon online no prescription


Chalkboard for Kids' Study Space Wall

This unique idea pairs perfectly with a kids’ study space. Your child will have all the room they need to write out math equations on the walls with chalkboard. It’s essentially a color palette and accessory in one! And if your child likes drawing on the walls, they can do so to their hearts content. What other wall functions as a creative outlet?

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Pick Out Your Furniture


The most important piece of any kids’ study space is the desk, so be sure to pick out something that both fits your child’s style and provides great functionality. After all, your child will be spending a lot of time here, so it needs to be something they like and that lets them get their work done.

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With all the different kinds of desks out there, how do you know what to choose? Since kids are small, its best to pick an equally small desk. You might also want to consider getting a desk with an attached hutch. These fit right on top of your desk and are super convenient for storing all those school supplies while giving an added flair. Take a look at some of our desks built specifically with kids in mind.

If you need to save space, check out a kids’ bed that has a desk built in. This is an incredibly versatile option that maximizes small spaces while still giving your kids the space they need. The fact that this is an all-encompassing piece that has so many different uses makes it very cost effective as well!

Trend Wood Sedona Loft Sotrage Bed with Desk & Chest


Your child is going to be spending a lot of time sitting and working on assignments, so why not get an extra comfortable chair to make those long study sessions easier? Like desks, many chairs come in smaller kids’ sizes that will provide better ergonomic support than a full-size chair. Many chairs even come with plush padded seats for a seat way more comfortable than found in most classrooms. buy mobic online no prescription

Trend Wood Laguna Kids' Desk Chair

School Supply Storage

Haphazardly leaving school supplies out is a recipe for disaster, so make sure you have the proper storage solution in place! If you already have a storage bed or desk hutch, you’re already in luck! But if you don’t, look into getting a short bookcase. These will let your child have easy access to everything and come in a huge variety of stylish designs to fit any theme and color palette. Alternatively, check out a chest or armoire with plenty of drawers to organize your supplies. With all the options to choose from, there’s bound to be a piece that will fit your child’s needs.

Illuminate Your Space

If there’s one must-have accessory for a kids’ study space, it’s a lamp. Having good lighting at night or in dark environments is essential, and a lamp is still the best way to remedy this. They’re also a great way to accent your child’s space and allow them to show off their style!

Ashley NYX Sports Table Lamp

Upgrade Your Space with Technology

In the modern world, technology use for school is unavoidable. Still, it’s possible to go overboard with technology. You want your child to be productive and have access to tech that helps them complete their work, not get distracted. With that in mind, here are our recommendations on what gadgets are worth getting!


It goes without saying that some sort of computer access is essential for your child. Portability will come in handy for whenever your child needs to work away from their study space. Your choice doesn’t need to break the bank either. Many basic laptops are inexpensive and will still allow for all of the basic functions your child needs. Depending on what you go with, you might want to look into external accessories as well, such as a keyboard or mouse.

Kid learning at home with laptop


At-home curriculums often involve watching a lot of premade videos. Unless you want to hear them too, it’s a wise idea to invest in a durable set of headphones for your child. Wearing them can also help your child block out distractions happening in your house. There are also benefits to listening to non-distracting music, such as classical, while working.

Kid using headphones for learning at home

With these tips, we know you can build the perfect kids’ study space. While learning at home may not always be the most fun thing for your child, having a great study space certainly makes it easier!

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