How to Shop Online at Homemakers

how to shop online

Online shopping is one of the many benefits of technology. With the click of a button you can order a new shirt, a bike, or even furniture right to your door without ever leaving the couch! Insane as it may be, it can get a little confusing with every website having their own online shopping experience. That’s why we’re here to give you a guide on how to shop online at Homemakers so that you can find and order exactly what you want without the hassle!

Navigating Through the Homepage

When you first arrive on our website, you’ll find an abundance of buttons to choose from. Well don’t fret, here’s a quick guide on what to find on our website.

how to shop online


  • We constantly strive to give our customers unbeatable deals. You can find our current promotions on our front-page slider along with other sales or featured content. When you click on a promotion from our homepage, it will direct you to our current ads and promotions page to help you learn more about those fabulous savings!!

Featured Products

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  • Under promotions you’ll find our featured products slider, which showcases what’s currently hot and trending in our store

      Instagram and Blog Posts

          We love posting about our current selection of furniture on our social media platforms and blog. This is where you can find the latest updates on new pieces, top trends, giveaways, and stunning furniture!

          Last by Not Least

          • At the bottom of our page you’ll find more links to information including FAQ’s, customer service, store location, return policy, and more! You’ll even find our store hours to keep you updated on when our store is open, but don’t forget, our website is open 24/7!

          Searching for Furniture

          Search Tab

          At the top of the Homemakers page, you can search for specific items by typing what you’re looking for in the “search” tab. It will pop up with an abundance of options to choose from so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

          search tab

          Drop-Down Menu

          Wanting to browse more options? Take advantage of our drop-down menu. When you hover your mouse over each tab, you’ll find that our products are categorized by room. Click on the room you’re wanting to furnish to head on over to that specific page. buy lopressor online no prescription

          drop down menu

          Searching by Room

          When you click on the room you want to browse, you’ll be directed to a page that separates products into smaller, sub categories. From this page, products are grouped together for easy shopping.

          searching by room


          Once you’ve selected one of the categories, you’ll find all the furniture we currently have, which may be a lot. Filters on the side of the page allow you to tailor your search down to your specific needs. Sort by brand, price, style, color, material, and more to find your perfect piece.

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          There is also a nifty sorting filter above the products, where you can filter how many items you want to see on the page and also sort products by relevance, price, brand, inventory, and more. If you don’t want to wait, filter to “in stock” to see what we currently have available to order online or buy in-store!

          how to shop online: filters

          Choosing Your Product

          Once you’ve found your perfect piece, click on it to take you directly to the product page. Here you’ll find more in-depth information about the product.

          choosing your product
          The Price and Name:

          The name of the product will directly tell you what your product entails. For example, this product is a “La-Z-Boy Dexter 100% Leather Ivory Sofa”, and the price will be in written in red “$1096.00”.

          Good, Better, Best:

          Each product at homemakers falls under the good, better, best category.

          • Good: These affordable, budget-friendly furniture pieces provide great value without sacrificing style. This is a great choice if you’re looking for an economical solution to your living space.
          • Better: Moderately priced and attractive, these home goods offer solid functionality and everyday dependability. You’ll enjoy a higher degree of fabrication and will sometimes even get your choice of materials or finishes.
          • Best: These high-quality furnishings feature top-of-the-line luxury, including premium features and/or materials. This is the optimal choice for you if you’re seeking premier furnishings with exceptional craftsmanship.
          Learn more about Good, Better, Best!

          Each product comes with a section on when it will be available. If the product is in stock, it will say “in stock” in green. If not, the page will provide a date in which Homemakers expects it to be back in stock. This section also includes whether or not that particular product is in our showroom.

          Guardsman 5-Year Select Plus Protection:

          Accidents happen! Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your new furniture is protected against life’s little accidents with a Guardsman protection plan from Homemakers! you can also select a warranty for your new furniture before checking out.

          Shipping Estimate:

          Enter in your zip code or the zip code where your furniture will be shipped to and Homemakers will get you an estimate on how much the shipping will cost. *Disclaimer: this is just an estimate on not an actual pricing quote.

          Product, Brand Information, Reviews, and Deliver & Returns:

          Here is where you can find detailed information on the product. It is an in-depth description of what the product entails including anything from features, color, material, construction, or any added pieces as well as information about the brand. It also includes reviews from real customers about their experience with the product! Finally, this section includes additional information about delivery and returns.

          Learn more about our return policy here!

          Shopping Cart

          Once satisfied with your choice of furniture, add it to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. You can either continue shopping from this point or complete shopping all together by heading to the top of your page and clicking “Go to Cart”.  Review your choices and hit continue checkout or send your cart to our store.

          how to shop online: shopping cart

          Send Cart to Store

          Save time when you visit Homemakers by sending your cart to our store. You don’t need screenshots or long lists of product numbers. Simply stop by our store within 5 days and tell an associate your email address or cart ID so they can view your cart, help you find the items on your list and show you the perfect complementing pieces. Furniture shopping has never been easier. Try our “Cart to Store” feature today!

          Note: Sending your cart to our store does not reserve any items for purchase and availability of items may change.

          Checking Out

          After all that you’re FINALLY ready to check out. Which honestly is the easiest part! If you’re a returning customer with login information, go ahead and sign in and checkout. If you’re a new customer or guest go ahead and continue that way.

          checking out

          You’ll be asked to fill out your billing address here. Homemakers immediately assumes that your shipping and billing addresses are the same. If this is not the case, make sure to uncheck the box under shipping address that says, “Same as my billing address” and fill in your shipping address.


          Review your shipping address and add any shipping instructions if necessary. If you find any mistakes go ahead and edit it or create a new address. You can select your shipping method from the drop-down section and choose either standard, pick up, in home delivery, or express shipping.


          Before entering your card information, make sure your billing/shipping address is correct, along with pricing. Make sure to include any promotional codes or gift cards if you have any at this point. Once everything has been checked (twice), input for card information.

          Order Summary

          Double check that all your shipping, billing, and product information is correct before submitting your order. Once your order is submitted, you’ll receive an email with your order confirmation and any additional information.

          And that’s it! You’re all done with shopping online. If you want more information on your order, feel free to contact our customer service department at (515) 727-1371 or call toll free (888) 818-7283 or email us at

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