What Does Your Interior Design Style Say About You?

What Your Interior Design Style Says About You

Odds are that you furnish and decorate your home with a particular look in mind. Whether your interior design style contains bold contemporary colors or is a rustic farmhouse dream, your home is an extension of who you are. But what does your design style say about your personality? Knowing what traits line up with what style is a great way to find your design style and start putting together the home of your dreams!

Traditional Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Traditional, Dependable, Enduring

If you’re someone who loves traditional furniture, you’re… well, traditional. That’s not to say you completely reject the latest trends, but you see value in the classics. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? While others are hung up on the newest fad, everyone knows they can come to you when they need someone dependable. That makes you someone who can endure the test of time and the toughest things life throws your way.

Traditional Ashley Sylewood Loveseat

Pictured Above: Ashley Sylewood Loveseat

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Mid-Century Modern Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Sophisticated, Forward-Thinking, Charming

You’re not afraid to show the world who you are. Others can only describe you as an incredibly charming individual, and your décor reflects that exact same look and feel. With an air of sophistication, clean curved lines, and elegant organic shapes, nobody can deny that your interior design style looks fantastic. Even with your retro charm, you’re a forward-thinking individual always looking towards the future.

Modern Ashley Dahra Accent Chair

Pictured Above: Ashley Dahra Accent Chair

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Rustic Farmhouse Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Down-to-Earth, Caring, Authentic

While some people like filling their space with sleek marble countertops and vibrant accent pieces, you opt for a more down-to-earth style. Whether you actually live on a country farm or just love the idea, your home is the spitting image of it. When it’s time to have guests over, you want them to feel that they belong. Your interior design style radiates authenticity, and the desire to look out for others is clearly reflected by your home. buy zocor online https://buynoprescriptionrxonline.com/zocor.html no prescription

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Contemporary Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Ambitious, Driven, Bold

You work hard and you want your space to reflect that. Between pops of color and decidedly trendy designs, the pieces you own are a reflection of your bold personality. You’re not afraid to show your wild side and put your full personality on display. A modern style home embraces architectural lines and the use of open spaces, which in turn echoes your desire to live life on the edge. You’re confident with who you are, and your home shows that. buy zofran online https://buynoprescriptionrxonline.com/zofran.html no prescription

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Transitional Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Flexible, Easy-Going, Friendly

When it comes to your home, you want everything to easily fit in while leaving open the possibility of adding in some visual pop here or there. You try to keep an open mind about possibilities and be flexible in your day to day life. You aren’t the type of person to get super invested in the newest trends, at least not at first. Instead, you have a more easy-going and laid-back outlook towards both décor and life. You display a friendly demeanor and want to have a positive impact on others above all else. If you’re still looking to find your design style, this is a solid choice.

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Casual Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Generous, Sociable, Relaxed

As a lover of casual furniture, you value time spent with friends and family. With generous, plush seating, there’s plenty of room to host movie or game night. Your space has a relaxed atmosphere, just like you do. While looks and style are still important, they aren’t your priority. You just want to be happy, have a good time, and make everyone feel welcome. buy zoloft online https://buynoprescriptionrxonline.com/zoloft.html no prescription

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Minimalist Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Efficient, Analytical, Organized

It takes a particular kind of person to turn their home into a minimalistic manor. In a world where it can be easy to accumulate more and more stuff, you buck the trend. Instead, you’re not interested in having things just for the sake of having them. Each and every piece of furniture and décor has a purpose. Like all of the rest of your life’s endeavors, you’ve meticulously organized and planned out your perfect space and are careful to keep it efficient and clean. Sure, it’s not the fanciest or most extravagant place in town, but that’s not what’s important to you.

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Biophilic Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Outdoorsy, Relaxed, Happy

Walking into a biophilic design enthusiast’s home is sure to stand out. With your home filled to the brim with plants of every variety, you are the epitome of an outdoors person. Having all that greenery around is sure to provide plenty of benefits as well. From lowered stress, increased productivity, and mood improvement, your spirits are lifted every day by your surroundings.

Biophilic Modus Furniture City II Gray 4-Piece Queen Bedroom Set

Boho Decorating Style

Personality Traits: Vibrant, Free-Spirited, Creative

Your style screams with vibrant colors, bold choices, and creative design. Living an unconventional lifestyle is the only natural choice for you, and your free-spirited nature has you living life to the fullest. Others can only describe your personality as vibrant, and you never fail to brighten up the room. In all of your endeavors, you bring a creative edge to whatever you do.

Your space is an extension of who you are. Whether you already have your dream space put together or if you’re still trying to find your design style, hopefully one of these descriptions spoke to you. Whatever the case and whatever your style, make sure to make your space you!

Boho Style Guide

Your space is an extension of who you are. Whether you already have your dream space put together or if you’re still trying to find your design style, hopefully one of these descriptions spoke to you. Whatever the case and whatever your style, make sure to make your space you!

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