5 Ways to Create a Bedroom Retreat

bedroom retreat

During winter, we often find ourselves feeling a little… blue. The cold gloomy weather makes going outside less enjoyable, while the constant dark shadows make the days drag on forever. Now, more than ever, we need a space in our home that can act as a recharging station. The bedroom is used as a place to rest and reflect so it only makes sense to turn it into a designated relaxation space! From choosing a calming color palette to accessorizing with cozy décor, here are five ways to create your own bedroom retreat.

5 Ways to Create A Bedroom Retreat

1. Start by Tackling the Clutter

Bedroom Retreat

Feeling a sense of calm starts with a clean and organized space. Tackling your bedroom clutter could be a project in itself, so make sure to take your time when reorganizing.

  1. Start by trashing or donating smaller items that you don’t want, need, or use (that includes the old phone case you kept from high school and the dried-up highlighter in your nightstand). If you’re finding it hard to throw away items, consider filling an empty shoe box and storing it under your bed or in your closet.
  2. Once you’ve reorganized the smaller items in your bedroom, consider what bigger furniture pieces you want to remove, add, or rearrange. Whether you’re moving your bed into a new position or adding a desk, our room layout planner helps with planning the perfect bedroom layout for you!
  3. Don’t forget to clean! Moving furniture and organizing items can stir up dust particles or crumbs. Use a wet cloth to wipe everything down, including skirting boards, windowsills, and inside of drawers. Then, use your vacuum and duster for floors and hard to reach surfaces.

2. Furnish with Storage-Friendly Pieces

  • Floating Shelves
  • Nightstand

Utilizing functional furniture can save you a lot of space. These pieces keep items neatly hidden away and help keep your space looking clean and open. Nightstands, bookshelves, and baskets can elevate your bedroom retreat when used as a relaxation station. Fill them with items that improve your well-being, such as books, blankets, salt lamps, and more. Don’t forget about the empty wall space! Hang some floating shelves to show off your miniature plant garden or display photographs of loved ones.

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3. Sooth the Senses

One goal in designing a bedroom retreat is to create a relaxing ambiance. Scented candles, a soothing color palette, and low-level lighting can make a huge difference to your mood, as well as anxiety and stress levels.

  • Create a Neutral Color Scheme
    • Building a calming neutral color palette can do wonders for your health. Light shades of beige, blue, blush, and yellow can all create a sense of warmth in your home. They help promote positive energy, improve self-esteem, and introduce a happy, cheery, and open aesthetic to help you feel balanced. But wait, neutral colors don’t always have to be light, they can be shades of black, gray, or navy, which all help promote relaxation in their own way. Deeper colors offer a fuller look to your palette, they promote strength, focus, and control that can help with well-being. Choosing a calming palette totally depends on what colors help you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Lighting
    • A lot can be done with the lighting in a room. The best way to maintain a calming aesthetic in your bedroom is to avoid harsh lighting from overhead lights or lamps. During the day, utilize as much sunlight as you can! Natural lighting has so many benefits, from easing depression to boosting vitamin D. Use string lights, salt lamps, and more for soft lighting addition!

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  • Aromatherapy
    • Adding a few well-placed candles, essential oils, and diffusers around your bedroom space can help relight your limbic system and help you home in on your emotions. It’s also been known to help with pain management, improve sleep, and to alleviate stress.

4. Layer with Cozy Textiles

During the depths of winter, it only makes sense to have a cozy aesthetic when creating a bedroom retreat! Layering accessories can help make any room feel warm and secure. Use knit blankets, plush rugs, thick curtains, and endless sinkable pillows to design the ultimate bedroom retreat. There’s no limit to how many layering pieces you can have! Drape a blanket over a bed, on a bench, or roll them up into a basket to help escape the brisk winter cold.

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5. Designate an Area for You

Window Sill Getaway

Your bedroom might be the only place you can get away from the world. But what if you share a space with a partner, a roommate, or kids? Then suddenly, what was once your only place to get away is now shared. One idea is to claim an area of the bedroom as your own and create a separate wellness space. This could be a reading nook, windowsill, or meditation space where you can sit, relax, and take some time for yourself. buy arava online https://buybloinfo.com/arava.html no prescription

BONUS: Embrace Hygge

Hygge Checklist

Hygge is a lifestyle that encompasses coziness and a sense of contentment. It’s a booming trend throughout this last year that helps promote self-care and well-being. Checkout the hygge checklist below and start thriving the hygge lifestyle!

Having a positive mental and physical well-being is important to your overall health. But we know how hard it can be to create and maintain a constant sense of positivity, especially when there’s so much uncertainty in the world. Creating a space to rest and reflect can have so many benefits to your health. It can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, help control your emotions, and so much more. Find inspiration with these five simple ways to create a bedroom retreat so you can have a designated space to take care of yourself. buy asacol online https://buybloinfo.com/asacol.html no prescription

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