5 Insta-worthy Home Photography Tips

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Want to know how to shoot and edit Instagram-worthy photos of your home? With the technology we have now, you don’t need a whole studio set-up just to shoot professional photos. Instead, discover simple photography tips like low angles, natural lighting, and more! No 5-star setup, advanced skills, or professional photographer needed. Learn how to photograph your home with these five simple tips and tricks!

5 Interior Design Photography Tips

1. Know Your Lighting

Photography Tips: lighting

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Natural Lighting

Finding the perfect lighting can be tricky when you haven’t got the lighting full setup. However, natural lighting is a great photography tip that can capture so many amazing things that studio lighting can’t. The best time to shoot with natural lighting are during soft daylight hours, bright days with partial cloud cover, or when using a sheer curtain to tone down harsh lights. Rather than using harsh studio lights that can make your photo look cold and boring, natural lighting easily captures colors in their true form!


When you’re struggling to get good lighting in your photos, editing them might be your only option. Brightening your photo’s exposure is a simple way to instantly improve an image and help it look light, airy, and Instagram-worthy. If you weren’t able to capture your room in natural lighting, color correct to remove yellow or blue hues or any harsh shadows.

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2. Avoid Negative Space

photography tips: space

Taking a photo of a room is simple but knowing what pieces to include is the kicker. For interior design photography, try to focus your camera on a few items as opposed to the entire room. This will eliminate wasted space and draw the eye to key elements. Allow for breathing room around important pieces to give your audience an idea of what you want to highlight. If you’re struggling for space in your shot, consider taking away items you don’t need or repositioning furniture.

3. Think About Angles

photography tips: angles

The Focal Area

Distinguish what you want as your focal point and work your way from there. Once your key element is identified, ask yourself what you want. Wider shots are popular for interior design photos to help capture the key elements. Remember, the focal point is your main element and should stand out above everything else.

Move Yourself or Items for a Better Perspective

Lack of space can be a big obstacle when shooting photos in small rooms or apartments. Shuffle into the doorway or onto the patio for a wider perspective or move things around when needed. Another photography tip is to keep doors closed and remove clutter that doesn’t belong or could distract from the beauty of your image.

Get Low & Aim High

The secret to an Instagram-worthy photo is to mimic the level of your furniture with your lens. Rather than looking down at elements, which creates a dominant and over-powering profile, get low and aim high. Lower the camera to your focal point for a more dramatic and “lived-in” shot.

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4. Use the Rule of Thirds

photography tips: rule of thirds

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When shooting your subject (couch, dog, table, etc.), don’t shoot them straight on or in the center of your frame. Instead, position your key elements in the left, right, top, or bottom third of the frame. This creates a more pleasing and natural image! Whether you’re shooting your image horizontally or vertically, consider using the rule of thirds when choosing a position.

5. Use your “Grids”

photography tips: grids

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Not great at eye-balling room shots? Don’t fret!. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid to pull up the “grids” on your camera. Now, when you open your camera you’ll see nine sections that will help visualize and position important elements that may be off-center. They are also great for lining up vertical objects in a room such as walls, doors, or picture frames.

PRO TIP: Take Transformation Pictures

 Who doesn’t love a transformation? Taking a “before” and “after” image of your space help to visualize the progress of your home style. The “before” picture can help you identify where you need more light, where exactly you need to put wall décor, and where your focal point is, before decorating. The “after” picture brings the room to life and shows your process.

Step up your interior design photography game with these simple shooting and editing tricks! No matter your level of skills or space, become a pro at taking photos of your home with these five Instagram-worthy photography tips!

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