Eye-Catching Upholstered Beds in Every Style

Upholstered Beds

Have you been considering a bedroom upgrade? Adding an upholstered bed is one of the easiest ways to give your bedroom an entirely new and improved look. They give your space a soft and warm appeal and look especially stylish when layered with designed bedding and accent pillows. Take a look at our favorite versatile, pillowy, and soft upholstered beds that have us craving breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

Why do we love upholstered beds?

  • They’re cozy. You can relax against a plush headboard while reading or watching your most recent Netflix obsession.
  • Your bed will make you feel calm and happy. Along with cozy bedding, a comfy upholstered headboard radiates warmth within the relaxing sanctuary that is your bedroom.
  • The focal point in your bedroom is your bed. A tufted headboard or a contemporary sleek, velvet headboard will create an eye-catching statement to center your bedroom around.
  • They come in every style. From cozy, gray transitional headboards to dark brown traditional bed frames, you’re sure to find the right style for your bedroom.

Styles of Upholstered Beds


A tufted headboard creates a soft cushion that’s perfect for leaning back against. There are several different styles of tufting commonly used such as classic button tufting, traditional diamond tufting, and modern biscuit tufting. Whether you’re designing your bedroom from scratch or looking for something new to fit in with your existing décor, there’s a tufted bed out there for you.

Nail Head Trim

To give your new bed an extra built-in accent, look for something with nail head trim. While it was once a way to disguise where the upholstery was attached to the frame, it’s now also used as a way to give furniture distinctive charm. Nail head trim can take on a variety of styles, but is often paired with more traditional pieces.


There’s nothing quite like a grand and elegant traditional bed to serve as the focal point of your bedroom. And plenty of them come in upholstery! This style utilizes detailed accents, rich hues, and other traditional elements such as diamond tufting and arched headboards. This way, you can bring a bed into your home that’s both supremely traditional and features the cozy comfort you crave from an upholstered bed.


Those looking for a contemporary upholstered bed will have plenty to pick from. Upholstery lends itself nicely to today’s contemporary style, with many upholstered headboards coming in shades of white or black. Also keep an eye out for beds featuring clean, sleek lines and cannel or square tufting.


An extra element of eye-catching allure can be yours when you take a glitz and glam approach. The combination of lustrous sparkling accents with light-up features and mirrored details make these beds stand out from the rest. They often come in contrasting or neutral colors to make these pieces truly unforgettable.


Adding a tall, upholstered bed to your space is sure to make it stand out. These beds are a bold choice, and are not for the faint-hearted. They are perfect for anyone particularly tall or just likes sitting up straight and leaning back against their headboard. Plus, it makes for a striking addition to your bedroom that will catch anyone’s attention.


Create enchanting ambiance with the dramatic rolls of a sleigh headboard and footboard with chic button-tufting on the fabric. Upholstered sleigh beds provide a grand and elegant look to your bedroom.  The “sleigh bed” name refers to the sled or sleigh-like appearance the headboard and footboard rolls produce. While you can’t actually use your bed as a sled, they are still a versatile and eye-catching option for your bedroom.

Whether you prefer the sleek look of a contemporary upholstered bed or the elegance of an upholstered sleigh bed, give yourself a stylish bedroom upgrade! The bedroom is a place to truly make your own and feel comfortable in, and there’s no better way to do that than by making your bed as inviting as possible.

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