Pet-Hair-Resistant Bedding: 4 Tips for Buying

Pet-Hair-Resistant Bedding

Our pets are just like family. Actually, scratch that, our pets are family. They’re warm, give the best snuggles, and who can resist that face? If you’re like the 71% of pet owners in the United States, you probably let your pet share your bed with you. Which means, you’ve …

Lamps on a Budget: 14 Best Options

Lamps on a budget: 14 best options

For the most part, lamps are an underrated piece of furniture. They provide us light, but we rarely think of them beyond that. Before we know it, our lamps are completely out of style! At Homemakers, we offer lamps on a budget. That way, you can save on lamps and …

Top 6 Bestselling Outlet Products at Homemakers

Here at Homemakers, we pride ourselves on having quality furniture at prices that will fit your budget. That’s why we opened up our Homemakers Outlet, located at the back of the store. Here, you will find pieces that fit your style and your budget. Over the year, we’ve taken note …

Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It? 9 Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Advantage of electric fireplaces

If you’re on the fence, these 9 benefits of electric fireplaces might be able to change your mind! If you love the look, feel, and overall aesthetic of fireplaces and hate all the work that goes into maintaining them, an electric fireplace is exactly what you need.