Apartment Living Tips: How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

apartment living tips for noisy neighbors

There are undeniable benefits to renting, but there are just as definitely cons. Every renter comes out of apartment living with a crazy story or two. Today, we share two stories for all our renting veterans, current renters and soon-to-be apartment dwellers.

One renter tells us how she dealt with a roommate’s inappropriate noises. Another recalls how she confronted an accordion-playing neighbor. Keep reading for two renting horror stories, tips on dealing with loud neighbors and noise-reducing furniture ideas.

Hm How-To: Wall Décor Ideas for Rooms with High Ceilings

wall decor ideas, how-to, high ceilings, vauleted ceilings, wall-hangings, art, wall art, wall décor, eye level

It can be difficult to decorate rooms with high ceilings. Take it from us: Here at Homemakers, our fireplace is so tall that we display furniture on the mantel!

Whether you’ve just moved in to your new home, or you’ve been there a while and the vaulted ceilings are still perplexing you, we can help. We talked to Brandon, a senior visual designer at Homemakers, and got the lowdown on some dos and don’ts for decorating your unique space.


7 Coffee Table Styling Tips for a Chic Tabletop

coffee table styling, modern coffee table, coffee table décor

Your coffee table is a big deal. It can make a huge statement for—or against—your home design skills. Think about it. It sits in the most visible room in your home, in the center of that central living room. Which is why coffee table styling shall not be overlooked.

Therefore, we bestow you with seven modern coffee table styling commandments. Upgrade your tabletop from bleak to chic. Scroll down to learn how to style your modern coffee table. While you’re doing your home makeover, check out our one sofa, three ways post for more living room style enlightenment!


Apartment Decorating Ideas from One Sofa Styled Three Ways

Apartment decorating ideas from one sofa styled three ways, homemakers.com

So, you’re leaving the dorm for your very first apartment. Goodbye futon and shower caddy! It’s time to enter the adulting world. If you’ve never had a place of your own, your first apartment is like a blank slate. Today, we’re showing you three unique looks for an apartment living room, all anchored to one important piece: your sofa! Keep reading to gather apartment decorating ideas from one sofa styled three different ways.


7 Lessons From a Bear on a Warm and Cozy Apartment

Cozy Apartment Ideas

Do you know how slow a hibernating bear’s heart rate drops? Eight beats per minute. That’s right…Eight. Beats. Per. Minute.

That’s 7.5 seconds between heartbeats! For several months, some bears give up eating, drinking and exercising for a nice, long sleeeeeeppp.

Sound nice? Well, you’re in luck! Someday, you may be able to get Baloo-style beauty sleep. NASA has reportedly been looking into hibernation for lengthy space travel. The U.S. Army is also said to be interested in hibernation to safely transport wounded soldiers.

The research has begun, but we’re a long ways from true hibernation status. No, you can’t yet nap like Yogi Bear. But, we can help you create a cozy winter den in your apartment where you can take human naps in hibernation-level comfort.