7 Lessons From a Bear on a Warm and Cozy Apartment

Cozy Apartment Ideas

Do you know how slow a hibernating bear’s heart rate drops? Eight beats per minute. That’s right…Eight. Beats. Per. Minute.

That’s 7.5 seconds between heartbeats! For several months, some bears give up eating, drinking and exercising for a nice, long sleeeeeeppp.

Sound nice? Well, you’re in luck! Someday, you may be able to get Baloo-style beauty sleep. NASA has reportedly been looking into hibernation for lengthy space travel. The U.S. Army is also said to be interested in hibernation to safely transport wounded soldiers.

The research has begun, but we’re a long ways from true hibernation status. No, you can’t yet nap like Yogi Bear. But, we can help you create a cozy winter den in your apartment where you can take human naps in hibernation-level comfort.