Your Dream Job Is Waiting

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Isn’t it time you had a career that was both lucrative and enjoyable? Yes, it’s possible – and you’ll find it right here at Homemakers! Business is booming, and we’re looking for some dynamic sales specialists to join our team right away.

New at Hm: Lake House Style Circle

New at Hm- Lake House Style Circle, homemakers lake house, lake house, lake home, rustic decor

The latest addition to our ever-changing showroom floor is a brand-new Style Circle, located in front of the escalators and the Treat Cafe. Before you chow down on a freshly baked cookie (maybe link to cookie blog here?), witness the latest excellent work of our talented design team: the lake house.

As we dream of lazy summer days under the sun, our staff has put together an incredible cabin scene, complete with a dock, a rowboat and a furnished bedroom. There’s plenty of home décor to peruse, like throw pillows, wall hangings and planters, that’ll add charm to your home. Quantities are limited on many home décor items, so these deals are only available in the store.

Homemakers Cookies, A Sweet Treat

Homemakers Cookies- A Sweet Treat!, homemakers furniture, cookies, otis spunkmeyer, free cookies, lemonade, coffee

When you think of Homemakers Furniture, what pops into your mind? If it’s cookies, you certainly are not alone!

Along with a huge furniture showroom and the lowest prices around, Homemakers has become synonymous with irresistible, fresh-baked treats. We’re baking up tons of cookies — literally! — for your enjoyment. Read on to see how we do it!

Add Some Zing for Spring with Homemakers Design Consultants

Homemakers Design Consultants

It’s been a long winter. We’ve had enough of slick roads, gray skies and cold temperatures, and all these weeks of being cooped up have done nothing for our attitudes about our own homes.

This time of year, we’re all craving something fresh, new and exciting. Instead of anxiously staring out the window, hoping to glimpse that first sign of spring, why not be proactive and create change within your own space?

Imagine walking through your home. How does each room make you feel? How do you want it to feel?