Daniel’s Amish Furniture: Heirloom Furniture for Every Room

Daniel's Amish furniture at Homemakers Furniture

An Ohio-based company, Daniel’s Amish is true to its name and was founded by Daniel Yoder, an Amish man who began building and selling woodwork in the 1990’s. Today, Daniel’s Amish produces gorgeous handcrafted furniture for the bedroom, dining room and living room using a unique blend of traditional Amish building methods and modern manufacturing facilities.


HM Buying Guide: How to Make a Multipurpose Guest Room

multipurpose guest room Homemakers Furniture

Giving your guest room a purpose, aside from being a room that’s used occasionally when you host guests, will help you get the most out of your home. We’ll help you create a multipurpose guest room without creating clutter or adding too much unnecessary furniture into the room.


HM Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp

lamp buying guide Homemakers Furniture

In every home, lighting is an integral element. When trying to find the perfect lamp, it’s easy to feel left in the dark. Whether it’s a floor lamp that floods the entire room with comforting light or a table lamp that illuminates your reading or entertaining space, Homemakers is here to shed some light!

HM Buying Guide: Nursery Furniture Essentials

Nursery furniture buying guide

Welcome your baby into the world, and their new home, with a happy, beautiful nursery. We’ve got the scoop on the best nursery furniture along with three trendy and versatile themes for baby’s new room!

How to Choose Furniture When You Live with a Cat

furniture with cats at Homemakers Furniture

As everyone who lives with a cat knows, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to keep furniture fur-free and unmarked by kitty claws. We love our companions but we’d also love for furniture to last longer before it starts to look like a hairy pincushion.