Eco-Friendly Furniture: Style You Can Feel Good About

Eco-Friendly Furniture from Homemakers

At Homemakers, we care about the environment. Between recycling our own materials and offering free mattress recycling services, we’re working hard to reduce our eco footprint. We’re also empowering furniture shoppers, just like you, to create a sustainable home with our collection of eco-friendly furniture. Keep reading to discover sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture that you can feel good about bringing home!


Room Buying Guide: Counter Stools vs. Bar Stools

Counter and Bar Stool Buying Guide from Homemakers Furniture

Just when you thought you knew everything about furniture, we hit you with another tricky question: what is the difference between a counter stool and a bar stool? This week we’ll be clearing up any lingering confusion about counter stools and bar stools and showing you how to add extra seating to your kitchen, game room or home bar.


Room Buying Guide: Bedding 101

Bedding buying guide from Homemakers.com

There are so many components to bedding that it can be overwhelming to try and choose the perfect piece for your bedroom. There are so many components to bedding that it can be overwhelming to try and choose the perfect piece for your bedroom.


How to Choose the Best Sleeper Sofa For You

How to Choose the Best Sleeper Sofa from Homemakers Furniture

It’s Saturday night. The movie went a little late. Your out-of-town friend doesn’t look awake enough for the hour-long drive back home. What do you do?

If you’re halfway prepared, you might have an air mattress or sleeping bag lying around. But, if you’ve really thought ahead, you’ll be pulling out the plush mattress in your living room’s sleeper sofa. Your weary friend will fall into a comfortable bed and sleep so soundly that they’ll want to come visit more often. All because you bought a sleeper sofa. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best sleeper sofa for your living space.


Hm How-To: Measuring for Furniture Delivery

How to Measure for Furniture Delivery

Here at Homemakers, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Our in-home furniture delivery takes the stress out of buying furniture: We’ll load it, transport it and carry it into any room in your residence. It’s an easy, carefree way to furnish your home.

But before you buy, you must consider the logistics involved: not only whether the furniture will fit in that particular room, but whether it’s even possible to navigate the doorways, hallways and other obstacles to get it to that room in the first place.

Read on to learn how to measure for a furniture delivery and ensure a smooth, stress-free buying experience!