Furniture Reviews: May Favorites for every Living Space

Shopping online for your living space can feel like a leap of faith. While a picture speaks a thousand words, that message isn’t from a fellow shopper with related interests, concerns and priorities. We want to help make the process easier. It starts with a new connection.

Homemakers shares and encourages honest customer reviews to create a network of shoppers just like you, who provide helpful information on furniture in their living spaces. With this feedback, you can place online orders in utmost confidence.

Homemakers Furniture Reviews: April Picks

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There’s nothing like the ease of online furniture shopping. All it takes is a few clicks before you receive your stylish new bedroom furniture, living room furniture and more. Making an investment sight unseen can be a little nerve-wracking sometimes, though. That’s why we’re giving you the inside scoop on furniture, straight from customers like you! Every month, we’ll post the latest furniture reviews from our customers—no censorship, no spin—letting you shop with confidence and convenience.

Homemakers Furniture Reviews: April’s Customer Favorites

Customer Favorites April 2015 | Homemakers Furniture | Urbandale, IA

Shopping online can feel like a daunting leap of faith sometimes. A picture may speak a thousand words, but that message isn’t from a fellow shopper like you with related interests, concerns and priorities. We want to help make online shopping easier for you. It’s starts with a new connection.

Our Customers’ Top-Rated Furniture Picks

Our Customers' Top Rated Furniture Picks, customer favorites, favorite furniture, top rated furniture, best furniture, customer reviews

The launch of our new website brought a lot of exciting changes to the ways you can shop Homemakers. Now, you have the ability to purchase furniture, mattresses & accessories from the comfort of your home! However, purchasing a product without trying it first can be daunting; that’s why we introduced customer reviews on as well! Below you’ll find some of the highest-rated products on our website, with links to shop below.