Interior Design Style Guide: Industrial Design

industrial design

Looking for industrial design help? Industrial style became common in homes in the late 2000s and remains stylish today. We created a guide to industrial style guide so you can learn how to implement it in your living room, office and bedroom!

Top 10 Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Your Home

fireplace mantel ideas

Fireplaces are a key feature of cozy living. Whether your fireplace is functional or not, its mantel is certainly a focal point in the room. If you are searching for fireplace mantel ideas, look no further! These 10 fireplace décor ideas are sure to give you the inspiration you need!

8 Interior Design Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

interior design mistakes

Whether you’re designing a room from the bottom up or just making a few adjustments, interior design can be an intimidating task. Here are eight of the most common interior design mistakes with ideas on how you can use your own style to overcome them.

Trend Alert: French Interior Design Styles You’ll Adore

French interior design

Give your home a fresh new look that captures the beauty of France with two irresistible French interior design styles that will make you swoon! Homemakers is here to help with French interior design style guides that add style and character to any home.

What You Need to Survive Tiny Home Living

tiny home living

What’s the absolute minimum square footage you could live in? There are undeniable benefits to tiny house living. But, living in confining quarters definitely isn’t for everyone. Ready to start scaling down? We have everything from a mail sorter clock to stackable barstools. Check out our collection of space-maximizing furniture essentials below.