Interior Design Style Guide: Boho Style

Boho Style Guide

It’s the style that has people all over the world trying to replicate. Its vibrant patterns, multiple textures and bold colors, as well as ethnic and vintage vibe create an exciting bohemian style of interior design. It is meant for the free-spirited individuals who lead an unconventional lifestyle and allow them to get creative with their space.

5 Top Design Trends For 2020

Top Design Trends for 2020

Every year, design trends are emerging and changing. Some will stay, some will go. We’ve been looking into the design trends for 2020 and it’s safe to say, there are some good ones. We can’t wait to see these trends in your homes this coming year! Check out five home …

16 Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home

Bonus Room Ideas

So, you have this bonus space. Now what? Oftentimes, people will use this space as storage and don’t think about it existing as any other space. But there are plenty of great bonus room ideas out there to take that area from storage space to your favorite room in the house!