The Best Lavender Drinks and Recipes

The Best Lavender Drinks and Recipes, lavender drinks, lavender recipes, lavender, late summer, refreshing drinks, homemakers furniture

It’s early morning. You’re walking. Between plump rows of purple bushes, soft blooms tickle your fingertips. And then…dawn breaks in vivid splendor. Lighting up the breathtaking scene, a flourishing field of vibrant lavender is bathed in golden sunlight against an ancient white stone building. You breathe in the sweet air and feel completely at peace.

This invigorating experience is something people have sought to capture for centuries in the form of oils, soaps, bouquets and a range of other lavender creations that bring home a taste of southern France’s magnificent fields. While hopping on a plane to Provence is obviously the ideal choice, you can also snag this fragrant flower at local farmers’ markets, oil and spice shops, nutrition stores and maybe even your neighborhood grocer. And, if all else fails, you can hit up Amazon for some dried buds.

How to Take Home the Iowa State Fair

How to Take Home the Iowa State Fair, Iowa State Fair, Des Moines Iowa, Things to do at the Fair, homemakers furniture

You’ve been waiting all year long for your pork chop and cheese curd fix. This week, those cravings will finally be satiated as the state’s largest event returns in all its deep-fried, blue ribbon glory. Take a deep breath and try to contain your excitement.

You’ll enjoy skewered delicacies in good company with the likes of country queen Carrie Underwood, The Fray and maybe even the future President of the United States. There will also be a special guest appearance by certain moustached board game personality…


Vote: Four Home Décor Upcycle Ideas

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Upcycled décor can be a tricky look to pull off. If your design skills are up to the task, you succeed with a stunning, shabby chic statement space that creates unique appeal with innovative recreations. On the other hand, dare we even imagine it, you are left with a ramshackle collection of reused items that make guests long to return to their own homes. So sad.

Luckily, we have a team of incredible visual designers to glean inspiration from. Their resourcefulness and design finesse can turn even cardboard boxes into a sensational display. Pretty impressive, right? If you’re ready to get your feet wet in the waters of reclaimed home décor, we suggest trying one of these inventive creations from our showroom.


How to Choose Area Rugs for Every Room in Your Home

how to choose area rugs from homemakers furniture

Choosing the correct size and style of area rug for your space can be daunting. Too big and you overwhelm your room, too small and your space feels awkward. Homemakers is here to help with a handy infographic that touches on all areas of the home and explains in easy-to-understand terms how to choose the correct size and style for each space.


DIY: How to Make Mosquito-Repelling Candles

The gorgeous summer weather offers a little something for everyone, whether you love to garden, go camping, barbecue, host outdoor parties or curl up on your patio furniture with a good book. But nothing ruins a perfect summer night faster than uninvited guests—we’re talking mosquitos, not nosy neighbors!