The Football Fan’s Kickoff Checklist

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Are you ready for the rigors of football season?

This isn’t a post about two-a-days or wind sprints, calisthenics or route running.

We’re talking about the grueling schedule of the football fan: endless suspense and countless football games in a marathon of awesomeness that can — if one so chooses — encompass a wide swath of the already-too-short weekend.

Read on to learn about our five furniture essentials for any football fan.

A Salute to Summer: Our Favorite Mocktail Recipe

Refreshing Raspberry Limeade, mocktail, sparkling mocktail, lemonade, summer drinks

Labor Day’s just around the corner, and while we’re excited for sweaters, vibrant foliage and seasonal lattes, we know our summer weather’s going to be hanging around for a few more weeks. What better way to embrace the present and enjoy those warm, sun-dappled days than with a refreshing drink that embodies the best of summer?

This delicious drink combines plump, juicy berries and tart citrus for an invigorating taste you’ll love. It’s the ideal drink for any time of day, from a leisurely après-yoga brunch to an evening of socializing outdoors and enjoying your patio furniture. Plus, it’s nonalcoholic, making it perfect for everyone!


The Best Lavender Drinks and Recipes

The Best Lavender Drinks and Recipes, lavender drinks, lavender recipes, lavender, late summer, refreshing drinks, homemakers furniture

It’s early morning. You’re walking. Between plump rows of purple bushes, soft blooms tickle your fingertips. And then…dawn breaks in vivid splendor. Lighting up the breathtaking scene, a flourishing field of vibrant lavender is bathed in golden sunlight against an ancient white stone building. You breathe in the sweet air and feel completely at peace.

This invigorating experience is something people have sought to capture for centuries in the form of oils, soaps, bouquets and a range of other lavender creations that bring home a taste of southern France’s magnificent fields. While hopping on a plane to Provence is obviously the ideal choice, you can also snag this fragrant flower at local farmers’ markets, oil and spice shops, nutrition stores and maybe even your neighborhood grocer. And, if all else fails, you can hit up Amazon for some dried buds.

Outdoor Activities for Kids of All Ages

outdoor activities for kids

It’s ice cream melting, swimsuit wearing, kid entertaining season! As school days fade into distant memories and the choruses of “I’m booored” begin, make sure your young ones aren’t lazing into excessive screen time indoors. Get unplugged and into the wild outdoors for endless entertainment. Even a tame backyard or cozy & compact patio will do the trick for refreshing summer crafts, stimulating activities and fun outdoor games for kids.

We’ve collected some lively activities that your kids can enjoy in the fresh breeze with warm sun rays kissing their skin. Inspire excitement to enjoy summer outside with this fun outdoor summer bucket list!


6 Outdoor Party Ideas to get Excited About

outdoor party

The heat is on! Time to take the party outdoors. Whether you’re ready or not, swimsuit season is coming. Soon you’ll be lounging under shady palms, turquoise waves and white sand caressing your toes. Or, more accurately for our area, you’ll find yourself kicking up pebbly Midwest sand, carrying folding chairs to the charming, less-turquoise waters of Raccoon River.

Warm weather also brings the glorious return of sticky popsicle fingers and aroma of juicy grilled meat wafting on the breeze. Your calendar may already resemble a Jackson Pollock with scribbled reminders of Father’s Day grill outs, birthday get-togethers and graduation parties.

When the party comes to your backyard, be prepared with the perfect outdoor furniture, party themes and décor. Even if you have a cozy & compact patio, we have the goods to simplify your planning.

Here are six party themes along with the perfect furniture for any event that comes your way.