Adult Halloween Party Ideas: Games, Food, Decorations & More

adult Halloween party Homemakers Furniture

Once you get older and, perhaps, outgrow trick-or-treating, one of the best parts of Halloween is hosting a party. Homemakers wants to help you turn your home into a spooky party scene this Halloween. With our decoration, music and game ideas, you’ll have everything you need in order to host an adult Halloween party this year.


5 Easy Fall DIY Projects to Welcome the Season

fall DIY projects Homemakers Furniture

The apple cider is stocked and the cozy sweaters are front-and-center in your closet. You’re ready for fall, but is your home? Never fear! Hm Etc. is here! We’ve got the best projects around to welcome guests and the beginning of the holiday season into your home, from welcome baskets to home fragrances and everything in between.


New @ HM: Whimsically Wicked Fall Décor

fall decor at Homemakers Furniture

When the air is crisp and cold and the leaves are a brilliant orange and gold, there is no better feeling than coming home to a warm, cozy space. We are celebrating the changing season with a new fall accessory marketplace, which showcases all the hottest trends in fall décor.


How to Host Your First Friendsgiving

Get tips and tricks on hosting your first friendsgiving

So, you’re thinking about hosting your first friendsgiving this year. Well, buckle up because this isn’t your granny’s Thanksgiving. This is friendsgiving! It’s a time to kick back and spend quality time with your honorary “family” in a fun, laid back environment.

To properly show how to host a friendsgiving, we teamed up with one of our visual designers, Brandon Roush. Below, he shares décor advice, nametag ideas and tips on preparing for your first friendsgiving.


Thanksgiving DIY: How to Make Colorful Leaf Mason Jars

Make This Fall DIY Craft from Homemakers

Create a glowing focal point in your home with this colorful, DIY Thanksgiving craft. It works perfectly as a fireplace mantel accent, porch décor or a Thanksgiving table decoration. Plus, you can fill these Mason jars with tea lights, fairy lights or even use them as silverware holders when guests come over for the holiday feast.