DIY Easter Table: How to Keep Little Ones Entertained

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Remember the kids’ table? You know, the little dining setup segregated from your “adulting” family. Whether it was a small, round dining table http://www.homemakers.com/kitchen-and-dining-tables/ or a pullout card table, almost everyone has experienced this seating arrangement, complete with waterproof tablecloth and paper napkins.

If you’re reading this post, we’re assuming you’ve now graduated to the adult table. Which means at mealtime, you understand the kids that need something more to look forward to than Uncle Phil’s casserole.

To help out, we talked to our senior visual designer, Brandon Roush. He shared tips on fashionable and fun Easter kids’ table decorations, like using a black sharpie to write names on terracotta pots and filling them with crayons for fun placeholders.

5 Adult Easter Basket Ideas That You’ll Want for Yourself

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Remember doing Easter egg hunts as a kid? Do you recall that feeling of anticipation and excitement as you explored your basket haul? Well, just because it’s Easter doesn’t mean the kids get to have all the fun.

This year, add grown-up flair to your get-together with an adult Easter basket gift exchange. You can draw names, create a personalized Easter basket and exchange while the kids are busy egg hunting. Say goodbye to sneaking goodies out of your kid’s basket. Now, you’ll have your own treats.