How to Create a Shared Home Office

shared home office

Does working from home sound like a dream come true? Do you love the idea of working side-by-side with your spouse, friend or family member? Would you love to create the perfect home office for two people?

Homemakers is here to help you create a shared home office that inspires creativity and productivity. By shopping for ergonomic furniture and choosing the best office layout, you’ll both be hard at work in no time!

4 Modern Home Office Solutions You Need to Know

office solutions

Whether you live in a large home with a designated office space or in a small apartment where you’ll need creative space solutions, having a modern-day office that functions with your lifestyle is key to being productive and successful. Homemakers is here to help with modern home office solutions you need to know.

5 Stylish Teen Bedroom Design Ideas Your Kid Will Love

teen bedroom

Decorating a teen bedroom is an exciting adventure! Whether or not you’re going to update the whole bedroom—new paint colors and all— these tips will help you transform any teen bedroom into the ultimate hangout.

How to Measure Your Space for a Sectional

measure your space

Don’t shop for a new sectional before you read our guide for measuring your space! There are so many configurations and layouts that it can be easy to choose a sectional that doesn’t make the most use of your space.

Read on for tips and tricks to measure your space for a sectional!

5 Small Space Hacks to Make a Room Look Bigger

small space hacks

Whether you live in a dorm room, studio apartment or a tiny house, you know how difficult decorating small spaces can be. Luckily, there are tricks to help you transform a stuffy and cluttered room into a stylish, open and welcoming space. We’ve compiled our favorite small room hacks that will make your home feel and look bigger.