16 Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home

Bonus Room Ideas

So, you have this bonus space. Now what? Oftentimes, people will use this space as storage and don’t think about it existing as any other space. But there are plenty of great bonus room ideas out there to take that area from storage space to your favorite room in the house!

Balancing Timeless Home Décor and Trendy Styles

trendy styles

How do you find the balance between timeless home décor and trendy styles? We’re here to help you discover trendy styles that feel fresh and timeless styles that keep your home grounded.

10 Indoor Plants You’ll Love This Spring

spring indoor plants

Spring indoor plants are a great way to add life to a room’s design. Literally. Whether you’re new to having plants inside or you’re a seasoned veteran, we could all use a few new plant friends as we head into spring.

Family Room vs. Living Room: What’s the Difference?

family room vs. living room

It’s an age-old question: what is the difference between a family room and a living room? Okay, maybe not an age-old question. Do you know the difference? We do! We did a little digging and discovered the key differences that designate each room. And found some design inspiration for you of course!

How to Choose the Best Coffee Table for Your Sectional

best coffee table for your sectional

Furniture arrangement and styling can make all the difference in the look and flow of a room. We’ve talked about laying out a room before and how important it is. Now, we will show you how to choose the best coffee table for your sectional. Seems simple right? It should …