How to: Transitioning from Summer to Fall Home Décor

Summer to Fall Home Décor

Fall inspires us all to change. Maybe it’s because we’re used to going back to school this time of year, maybe it’s because the leaves change colors or the temperature drops. Whatever it is, we like change in the fall. Of course, this means we also like to switch it up from summer to fall home décor.

The Most Beautiful Pet Safe Plants for Your Home

Having houseplants is really nice to add some décor to your space and make it feel more inviting. But how do you know which plants are safe for cats and which plants are safe for dogs? We’ve made a list of 25 pet safe plants that you can have in your home.

How to Choose the Best Rug Size and Placement

Rug Size Guide

Rugs. They have the ability to completely transform a room, yet they’re often one of the last things you consider when shopping for furniture and accessories. Not to mention, it’s difficult to make a decision with so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. We’re here to help! It’s …

How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs for the Best Look

Mix and Match Dining Chairs

A common question people ask is “How do I mix and match my dining chairs?” It can seem really difficult to find chairs that match and work together but also feel a little eclectic or mismatched. Sometimes you’ll find multiple chairs you really like, and you can’t decide on just one set (we don’t blame you). There are a few ways you can take mismatched dining chairs and give them harmonious balance.