Sofa Table vs Console Table

sofa table

Trying to find out what a console table is used for? Or where exactly to put a sofa table? They may look similar, but they’re not the same! Check out our blog on the different attributes and placements for these tables in your home!

Top Spring Color Palette Ideas for Your Home

spring color palette

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to inspire your spring home décor. Take a look at 6 spring color palette ideas guaranteed to freshen up your home this season!

How to Furnish Your Child’s Bedroom from Nursery to Young Adult

How To Furnish Your Child's Bedroom From Nursery to Young Adult

We love our kids from the bottom of hearts and truly want the best for them- including the bedroom of their dreams. When our child says they like pink, it’s tempting to buy and decorate everything pink. But, will your child love pink as much when they’re 16 and going …

5 Clever Kids’ Room Colors

5 Clever Kids' Bedroom Colors

It’s no secret that painting is a ton of work; arguably too much work. You need to decide on a color, move and cover all furniture in your way, tape down moldings, and then breathe in that strong smell for a few days. So, before you paint your child’s room …

How to Organize Your Kitchen

how to organize your kitchen

A cluttered kitchen can be frustrating. That’s why we’ve put together the perfect guide on how to organize your kitchen. Feel inspired with top kitchen storage furniture and décor ideas so you can keep your kitchen space stylish and clean!