How to Create a Shared Home Office

shared home office

Does working from home sound like a dream come true? Do you love the idea of working side-by-side with your spouse, friend or family member? Would you love to create the perfect home office for two people?

Homemakers is here to help you create a shared home office that inspires creativity and productivity. By shopping for ergonomic furniture and choosing the best office layout, you’ll both be hard at work in no time!

4 Modern Home Office Solutions You Need to Know

office solutions

Whether you live in a large home with a designated office space or in a small apartment where you’ll need creative space solutions, having a modern-day office that functions with your lifestyle is key to being productive and successful. Homemakers is here to help with modern home office solutions you need to know.

4 Easy and Stylish Kid Bedroom Themes and Style Ideas

kid bedroom themes

We’re here to help you create a dream kids’ bedroom! These four kids’ bedroom styles make it easy for you to style your child’s room and stay true to what he or she loves as well. We’re sure you’ll find something that both you and your kids will love!

How to Style the Perfect Patio in 4 Steps

patio decor

As spring comes to greet us, we can’t help but think of patio season. We’re ready to decorate our outdoor spaces and enjoy cool drinks in the warmth of the sun. If you’re looking forward to decorating your patio this season, you may need some direction! We’re here to turn your blank slate into your dream outdoor oasis with a few tips and patio décor and style ideas.

How to Make a Mudroom: Decor Ideas and Mudroom Furniture

mudroom furniture

If you’re constantly battling with sloppy shoe prints, dirt and clutter, creating a mudroom may be the solution you’ve been looking for! Homemakers is here to help with five mudroom furniture and decorating ideas. With our mudroom décor tips and organization ideas, your home will transform into that clean and calming space you’ve dreamed of!