How to Master the Rug Layering Trend

rug layering Homemakers Furniture

The perfect rug is key to making a room feel complete and comfortable. Enter the latest home design trend that has everyone talking: layered rugs. Homemakers is here to help you master the rug layering trend!


Office Ergonomics: How to Increase Productivity at Work

office ergonomics OPT

Working at a desk all day can have a negative impact on your health if you’re not careful! We want you to enjoy what you do every day, so, we put together some instructive tips on office ergonomics to increase productivity, avoid fatigue and improve comfort levels while you work!


5 Easy Ways to Modernize Outdated Furniture

modernize furniture Homemakers Furniture

Style is a constantly evolving process. It takes time to figure out exactly what design style suits you and what furniture fits your space. So what do you do with a home full of outdated pieces? Time for a little DIY updating! We put together a list of five easy ways to freshen up and modernize your old furniture.

How to Make Your Apartment Look Luxurious (On a Budget)

How to Make Your Apartment Look Luxurious

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a life of luxury—or at least look like you do. Trick guests into thinking a high-end socialite lives in your apartment. Keep reading to discover 10 affordable ways to create an expensive-looking apartment!


How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

Modern Farmhouse Style Guide from Homemakers Furniture

Embrace country charm with a modern twist. Our modern farmhouse style guide shows you fresh furniture and décor ideas to get the look in your home!