Our Customers’ Top-Rated Furniture Picks

Our Customers' Top Rated Furniture Picks, customer favorites, favorite furniture, top rated furniture, best furniture, customer reviews

The launch of our new website brought a lot of exciting changes to the ways you can shop Homemakers. Now, you have the ability to purchase furniture, mattresses & accessories from the comfort of your home! However, purchasing a product without trying it first can be daunting; that’s why we introduced customer reviews on homemakers.com as well! Below you’ll find some of the highest-rated products on our website, with links to shop below.

Lori’s Faves: Metal Wall Clocks

Lori's Faves Metal Wall Clocks, Homemakers Furniture, Metal Wall Clocks, Wall Clocks, Oversized Wall Clocks

Ready to spring forward? We sure are! Although it means a little less sleep this weekend, we think the benefits of longer days, warmer temperatures & spring activities on the way far outweigh the loss of an hour! Enjoy making the switch with one of these stylish, large wall clocks from March’s Lori’s Faves collection. Oversized numbers & clean lines make these wall clocks a perfect fit for nearly any decor.

Lori’s Faves: Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

“Bring the rich taste of Marsala into your home with my latest must-haves, featuring Pantone’s gorgeous new Color of the Year. The earthy, robust shade adds sophistication and warmth to any décor, making it ideal for accents and accessories. From vases and bowls to lamps, wall art and more, you’ll find all the coolest looks in this hot new hue, right here at Homemakers.”

–Lori, Accessory Buyer

Approaching Midcentury Modern Style

For distinct style that’s always appreciated, let’s consider for a moment midcentury modern.

Born in the — you guessed it! — mid-20th century, it was a seminal movement in which utility reigned supreme. Organic shaping, clean lines and uncluttered designs were embraced, with a focus on simplicity and functionality. It also ushered in the use of non-traditional materials: While wood continued to be used prominently, metal, glass, vinyl, plastic and fiberglass materials were widely adopted and incorporated into many designs.

The result is a thoroughly unique, inviting and approachable look that remains incredibly popular today. The best part is that it is endlessly versatile. You can add a piece here or there and easily incorporate it into your home’s current landscape, dipping a toe into the retro pool without diving in headfirst.