Interior Design Style Guide: Industrial Design

industrial design

Looking for industrial design help? Industrial style became common in homes in the late 2000s and remains stylish today. We created a guide to industrial style guide so you can learn how to implement it in your living room, office and bedroom!

Interior Design Style Guide: Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design

Simple. Functional. Yet so cozy and inviting it makes you want to snuggle up and stay forever. Scandinavian design strikes the perfect balance between minimalist style and ho mey warmth. Let’s take a look at where this style came from and how you can bring the coziness of Scandinavian style into your home.

Trend Alert: French Interior Design Styles You’ll Adore

French interior design

Give your home a fresh new look that captures the beauty of France with two irresistible French interior design styles that will make you swoon! Homemakers is here to help with French interior design style guides that add style and character to any home.

How to Create a Breathtaking Beach House

beach house

Transform your beach house into a coastal oasis by choosing the perfect color palette, furniture and décor. If you don’t live near water, you’ll still love the summery vibe our beach house style adds to your home!


Design Trend Alert: Moroccan Style Furniture and Decor

Moroccan style Homemakers Furniture

Moroccan style is rich, luxurious and exotic. Filled with brilliant hues, eye-catching designs and inviting furniture, this style has become a favorite among interior designers and it’s easy to see why. But what is Moroccan style and how can you incorporate it into your home? We’re here to help with Moroccan-inspired furniture, décor and decorating tips.