Interior Design Style Guide: Victorian

victorian design

The Victorian era was filled with beautiful colors, velet furniture, and industrial designs. Learn how to create the perfect Victorian design style in your home with this style guide!

Interior Design Style Guide: Boho Style

Boho Style Guide

It’s the style that has people all over the world trying to replicate. Its vibrant patterns, multiple textures and bold colors, as well as ethnic and vintage vibe create an exciting bohemian style of interior design. It is meant for the free-spirited individuals who lead an unconventional lifestyle and allow them to get creative with their space.

Interior Design Style Guide: Southwestern Design

southwestern design

Warm. Bold. Yet so inviting that just stepping into the room makes you feel at ease. Southwestern design isn’t for the faint of heart. It strikes a balance between rustic woods and soft cream upholstery. Let’s take a look at the origins of this unique style and ways you can …

Interior Design Style Guide: Cottage Chic

Cottage Decor Living Room

You’re the sort of person who likes cuddling in a reading corner with your favorite book (that you’ve read 5 times already). You keep it simple. Your local art museum is your favorite getaway. You spend all of your time off staycationing in your adorable backyard oasis with a glass …