New @ Hm: Modern Organic Style

modern organic style

What do you get when you take minimalistic style and add mid-century modern furniture, earthy textures and an organic color palette? Modern organic style! Our collection of new arrivals this months are a versatile group of modern organic furniture that can dressed up or down.

Seize Your Summer with Camp-Inspired Lake House Decor

lake house decor

With our summer camp-inspired marketplace décor, you can bring those nostalgic campsite memories into your home. It features a wonderful mix of rustic cabin furniture, vintage accents, outdoor patio furnishings and nature-inspired décor. The combination will transform your home into a summer lake house you’ll love.

New @ Hm: Lake House Furniture and Decor for Summer

lake house furniture

This month we were inspired by the summer trips to the lake of our childhoods. We’ve taken that classic-casual style and transformed it into a blend of modern and cottage styles with our new lake house furniture and decor.

New @ HM: Eclectic Farmhouse Furniture

eclectic farmhouse

You’re familiar by now with classic farmhouse style- after all it is everywhere! This month we’ve put a unique twist on a familiar style by throwing in an eclectic mix of color and materials. Eclectic farmhouse furniture showcases the rustic designs you know and adds a modern twist with muted colors, contrasting materials and industrial décor.

New @ HM: Modern West Coast Style

modern west coast style

We’re showcasing bold, organic design with our collection of new furniture in modern west coast style. Have you ever flipped through your favorite design magazine and stopped to look at the sprawling mansion overlooking a calm Pacific Ocean? The house is soaring walls of glass, exposed wooden beams, open concept …