New at Hm: Interior Design Trends for Summer 2015

New at Hm- Interior Design Trends for Summer 2015, home decor, home decor trends, home design, design, interior design, route 66

Summer’s here, and that means one thing: it’s time for a vacation! Even if far-off adventures aren’t in the cards, you can turn your space into the perfect escape with the hottest home décor trends for Summer 2015…

It’s Patio Season!

Homemakers Patio Style Circle, It's Patio Season!

We’re so excited that it’s finally warm enough to get outside and enjoy the weather! Our newest style circle, located across from Treats Cafe, reflects just that.


New at Hm: Retro Home Bar Inspiration

New at Hm-Retro Home Bar Inspiration, home bar, retro, records, vinyl, homemakers furniture, homemakers, vintage

While sleek, new and shiny is fantastic, sometimes you just need some space to reminisce on the good ole’ times. Come visit our creative home bar setup to see if you’ve owned any of the records we have hanging, or stop by to gather some retro décor inspiration. This vignette creates a moment that you can easily recreate in your own home bar.

The rock ‘n roll energy and retro theme inspire in true Flashback Friday style with a colorful wall of vinyl record covers, Elvis Presley-style microphone décor and home bar furnishings that showcase a vintage vibe. Lift your glass and your mood in a lively, entertaining surrounding.

New at Hm: Colorful Home Office Ideas

New at Hm: Colorful Home Office Ideas | Home Office | New at Hm | Homemakers Furniture

Drab should be the last word you use to describe your home office. Many at-home workspaces begin with magnificent plans but end up sinking into a bleak collection of a computer desk, cabinets and a lonely office chair. But not in our house! And, with our office solutions, it won’t happen in yours either.

Mad Men Mod

Mad Men Mod, Midcentury Modern furniture at Homemakers Furniture

With the final episodes of Mad Men airing on Sunday nights, we’ve had our minds on everything Midcentury Modern. We love the cozy, relaxed feel of Don Draper’s sunken living room, but most of us don’t have his budget! That’s why we were thrilled to find such a similar look on our showroom floor.