Discover the Pantone Fall 2017 Color Palette

pantone fall 2017

It’s that time of year again- we’re diving into the Pantone Color Report for Fall 2017! The Pantone Color Institute uses colors shown by designers at New York Fashion Week to determine the 10 biggest colors of the seasons.

Pantone Spring Colors 2017: Fall for Niagara!

Pantone Niagara color home decor and furniture inspiration from Homemakers.com

Welcome to our final post in the Pantone Spring color series! We’ve been exploring Pantone’s vibrant color palette hue by hue. Follow along as we look at the last hue in our series: Niagara!

It’s the muted, moody companion of Island Paradise. It transports us to the roaring Niagara Falls, making it easy to picture in any coastal style living space. Keep scrolling to read about Pantone’s Niagara color and discover ways to incorporate it into your home.

Pantone Spring Colors 2017: Lapis Blue

Pantone Spring Palette: Lapis Blue from Homemakers Furniture

Welcome to the next installment of our Pantone Spring color series! This week, we’re exploring Lapis Blue. It lends a bold, icy demeanor to the Pantone spring palette. Keep reading to discover how to incorporate Lapis Blue in your home furniture and decor.

Pantone Spring Colors 2017: Go Green with Kale!

Pantone Spring 2017 Colors: Go green with Kale color in your home!

Welcome to our Pantone Spring color series! This year, Pantone released a vibrant new color palette that we’ve been exploring hue by hue. The next hue we’ll be covering is Greenery’s dark cousin: Kale.

Keep scrolling to read about Kale and discover ways to incorporate this lush green into your home!