The Best Mattress for You Based on Your Sleeping Position

sleeping position

To ensure a great night of sleep, you need to figure out how you sleep at night. Sleeping positions can help determine which mattress feel you need. Follow the advice from us, along with these happy customers, to find the mattress that was made for you.

Everything You Need to Know about Mattress Types

mattress types

Determining what type of mattress is best for you can be a tricky task. Hopefully, these definitions and examples of mattress types will allow you to make an informed decision. From coils to memory foam, here’s what you need to know before buying a new mattress!

How to Become a Morning Person

How to Become a Morning Person from Homemakers Furniture

With daylight saving time taking place this weekend, there’s no better time to take a closer look at how to become a morning person. Here are five tips for increasing productivity, reducing stress and making the most of every morning.


8 Ways to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

national relaxation day

If it seems like every day is National something-or-other Day, well, you’d be correct.

But here’s one we’re particularly fond of: Next Monday, August 15 is National Relaxation Day. As we see it, this is the perfect day for kicking back and resting. Here are eight ways to do it.

The Four Stages of Sleep

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There’s more to sleep than simply conking out for eight hours.

If you never realized this, well, we forgive you. After all, it seems rather uncomplicated: You sleep, you wake up, you repeat.

But dig deeper , let’s take a closer look at the sleep cycle. It consists of four main sleep stages, progressing from stage 1 through to REM. A night of sleep typically contains between three and five of these cycles, which each range in time from 90-110 minutes.