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Top Mattress Brands at Homemakers Furniture

A mattress is the most often-used piece of furniture in your home, unless you’re particularly proficient in the couch potato arts. So it goes without saying that buying a new mattress isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Where’s the best place to buy a mattress? Well, we might be a bit biased, but with knowledgeable sleep specialists, a 180-night Sleep Guarantee and more than 80 mattresses on the showroom floor to try out for yourself (plus many more online!), we think Homemakers is a worthy contender.


Can’t sleep? Try these New Years resolutions

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Get better sleep is an admirable goal for 2016, but what does that actually look like in practice?

A complex topic requires a well-rounded approach. Here are some New Years resolutions and sleep tips you can adopt to improve your snooze and make 2016 the year of better sleep.


Adjustable Beds: A New Angle on Comfort

Adjustable Beds: A New Angle on Comfort | #infographic, adjustable beds, best adjustable beds, box spring, bed frame, Reflexion, adjustable bed, Serta, Tempurpedic, Simmons, Glideaway, Stearns and Foster, Sealy

Convenience and customized comfort are a click away with an adjustable bed.

What is an adjustable bed? In addition to supporting your mattress, like a typical box spring and bed frame does, the best adjustable beds can also provide a whole host of premium features…

How much sleep do you need?

National Sleep Foundation Sleep Recommendations #infographic

Even Ben Franklin knew the virtues of a good night’s sleep: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Then again, Franklin also held some dubious viewpoints, including one that questioned the bald eagle as the choice for America’s national bird: “He is a Bird of bad moral character.”

It turns out Franklin was right on track with the former statement, if not the latter, as science backs him up. Sleep is as important as healthy eating and regular exercise on the path to wellness.

In a 1999 study by the University of Chicago, a group of healthy young adults was limited to just 4 hours of sleep per night for a week. This resulted in altered hormone levels for some test subjects: Glucose metabolism mirrored that of diabetics, and cortisol — which help the body use glucose and fat — levels matched those of a much older population.

A lack of sleep has been tied to obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea and other health issues. So we know it’s important, but how many hours of sleep do we need?

Mattress Reviews from Happy Homemakers Customers

Mattress reviews from happy Homemakers customers, mattress, mattress madness, homemakers furniture

A search for the best mattress has an obvious end goal, but where do you start?

Mattress reviews help. Take a cue from some satisfied Homemakers customers, who succeeded on their own searches and are enjoying better sleep because of it.

Read on to see some of our customers’ recent mattress ratings and what they had to say about them.