How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

celebrate Valentine's Day at home

You can enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones at home, while making memories you’ll cherish for years to come. If you want to stay home, put on comfortable clothes and relax on your couch, these ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day are perfect for you!


How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Galentine's Day

February 13th has been dedicated to the ladies, thanks to “Parks and Recreation.” Gather your best girls- mothers, co-workers, girlfriends, friends- and spend the day eating breakfast food and celebrating female friendships. Galentine’s Day can be celebrated by anyone, single or not. As long as you’re in the company of people you love to be around, it will be a successful Galentine’s Day.

5 Easy Ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is on the way! Whoever you’re giving a gift to, make it special and unique by creating it yourself! We put together a list of five easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts and gathered some of our favorite date night ideas. Now it’s up to you to personalize a date night for your Valentine!


A Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting Your Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

How to Host an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Is there any other holiday that elicits such strong feelings as Valentine’s Day? Many people seem to fall very firmly on the heart-eyes emoji side or on the crossed-arms emoji side. If you are part of the latter group and feel it’s time to take your antipathy to the star-crossed holiday to a new level, then this may be the year you throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party!


Valentine’s Day DIY: Make This Sweet Centerpiece

Valentines Day DIY Sweet Centerpiece from Homemakers Furniture

Valentine’s Day comes at the perfect time of year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. We’ve (somewhat begrudgingly) fallen back into our post-holiday routines, and the gray, gloomy weather leaves something to be desired. What better way to brighten our moods a little than with a celebration of love?

We’ve shown you our top picks for gift ideas and hooked you up with some super cute (and free!) gift tags. There’s just one more thing you need for the best Valentine’s Day ever—a sweet centerpiece to deck out your dining table!

Our senior visual designer, Brandon Roush, is back by popular demand! We sat down with him to learn how to make this fun, festive DIY and to chat about one our favorite holidays.